Jayme Infanzon

Founder of The Build Group

Jayme Infanzon

Jayme John Infanzon has been flipping single-family homes for over 25 years. Jayme is a father, mentor and investor with a focus on real estate investments in the Charlotte area.

In addition to his investments in real estate properties, Jayme also invests in people – primarily mentoring young entrepreneurs and teaching them how to flip houses themselves. His portfolio includes educating young entrepreneurs in Charlotte NC by helping them develop their own business plans for house flipping or other entrepreneurial endeavors they may be considering.

Jayme’s Real Estate Track Record

Jayme has a proven track record of success in the real estate industry. He has years of experience sitting on multiple boards as the Vice President overseeing more than 500 homes. Jayme also consults with business owners to help them sell their businesses at over $150 million, turning a major profit for the business owner.

Jayme started his career by building two successful real estate companies that were profitable and helped him create an impressive real estate portfolio.  Throughout his career, Jayme has built some incredibly successful projects including commercial business centers and luxury condo complexes while also helping others build their own careers through mentorship programs.

Outside of the real estate world, Jayme has participated in both civic duty and charity work, including working with a dog rescue. He has successfully found forever homes for 34 large breed dogs that needed to complete training and obedience work before they were suited for home family life.

Jayme’s personal website is www.jaymeinfanzon.com